The NOXCO model is like no other in the industry.

We are often asked – what exactly is NOXCO? Why was NOXCO formed?  And who decided there was the need for the NOXCO model?

We have some answers. And an understanding of the background on the formation of NOXCO also helps differentiate NOXCO from every other player in the industry.

NOXCO was formed by a team of strategic partners in the power plant industry and is backed by a multi-million-dollar investment firm. The idea was born when this group of experts, functioning as a team of strategic partners, recognized that the emissions compliance industry wasn’t well-serviced by vendors.

This team of experts, each with decades of experience, saw that operators often have an unmet need and difficulty ensuring power generation systems operate optimally and in compliance with emissions regulations.

They also recognized inherent flaws in the industry that bring forth less-than-ideal results:

• Plant managers do not have in-house operational or catalyst replacement decision expertise, but are still tasked to make important strategic decisions with limited knowledge and information.

• Due to industry fragmentation, power plant operators have no choice but to tap into a variety of different vendors who work in silos while completing tasks. These vendors typically do not coordinate their efforts with others working at a facility. The result is poor communication that drives additional costs from inefficient operation and maintenance of the emissions control system.

• There are rampant conflicts of interest within the industry, such as catalyst manufacturers who conduct testing to determine if and when their catalyst needs to be replaced.

NOXCO, recognizing these challenges and flaws, does things differently. We look at the complete emissions system with an understanding of how the components interrelate to each other. We determine the most cost-effective plan that will drive the best results for ongoing maintenance. And importantly, we ensure experts work hand-in-hand and communicate directly with each other to deliver a measurable ROI for operators.

The cost savings with this type of long-term arrangement come naturally.

Would you be interesting in finding out how NOXCO solves emissions system management through the industry’s first LTSA for emissions compliance? Would you like to learn more about what a partnership with NOXCO would look like?

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Coming soon: Part 2 of the NOXCO history story.